Cobus Nienaber

4th Dan

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Cobus Nienaber sensei is currently a member on the Technical Panel of the World Shotokan Karate-do Federation South Africa.

Full Name: Cobus Nienaber
Date of birth: 10 April 196
Family details: Married to Nabdie
Stays in: Vanderbijlpark
Occupation: Instrumentation and Analyser Engineer
Date started Karate:  1987
First instructor: Mike Dukas Sensei
Dojo of affiliation: Kuro Obi Dojo – Vanderbijlpark
Favorite saying:  I you can think it you can do it
Best karate memory:  In Japan for the first time, training with Kasuya Sensei and Mike Dukas Sensei.
Karate Dream: To be able to train till I die, and to transfer all the karate knowledge and values which were taught to me to the next generation of karataekas.
Favorite Kata: Bassai-Dai and Chinte
Favorite Technique: Ushiro mawashi geri