Marius Jordaan

6th Dan

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Marius Jordaan Sensei is currently the Assistant Chief Instructor of the World Shotokan Karate-do Federation South Africa and WSKF SA’s chief referee.

Full Name: Marius Jordaan
Date of birth:  5 December 1960
Family details: Marinda  (wife) and Jurgen (son), Justine, Olivia and Simone (daughters)
Town of Birth: Carletonville
Occupation: Businessman
Date started Karate:  February 1974
First instructor:  Johan van Tonder
Dojo of affiliation: Kuro Obi Shotokan
Hobbies and interests:  Golf, Traveling and the outdoors
Favourite food:  Meat and pap
Favourite saying:  Be the best that you can be.
Favourite movie:  Shaka Zulu
Best karate memory:  First ever training session with Japanese in Honbo dojo in Japan.