WSKF Team Challenge – June 2019

19 Jun

It’s a cold morning on Monday, 17th June, and the air is buzzing with excitement as people stream in to the WSKF team challenge hosted at PMSC Kopanelo Indoor Sport Centre, Potchefstroom. Months of preparation have passed and now it’s time to put the energy on the floor! The focus of this unique event is all about building skill and camaraderie within WSKF.
Over a hundred competitors and over thirty officials line up for the opening bow and are ready to go at 8am. The championships started with the Team Kata divisions with each team giving their all and looking strong. There was clearly a lot of preparation at each and every competing dojo!

After a winning Unsu Team Kata by the Potchefstroom senior team, there was a quick break before the Team Kumite challenges kicked off. This was structured over two floors with a round robin of six men and six ladies teams. Ranging from 7 years old to over 21s, with 5 in a team. Each one competing against his own age group and earning points for their team see them progress higher up for the final challenge.
That wraps up an awesome day of karate WSKF style – everything fair, well organised, and in the spirit of true budo! New friends made and new challenges set for the next team challenge coming next year.
Congratulations to the all the winners and all students who took part in this fun event!



WSKF Referee, Judges and Table Officials Course – June 2019

17 Jun

A busy day and another excellent regional senior training hosted in Vereeninging, followed by a successful referee and table official course conducted by Mike Sensei and Tatjana Sensei respectively.


 In the first part of senior training, Mike Sensei focused on kihon and there-after the katas Sochin, Jitte, and Basai Dai were looked at in detail in preparation for the upcoming Japan grading.


After a fantastic lunch prepared by Lynette and John, the referee and table official courses commenced. Mike Sensei conducted a great referee course and all students old and new had the opportunity for valuable practical experience with different scenarios presented.


The table official course was conducted by Tatjana Sensei and the team of students and parents ran through their own set of draw sheet scenarios all in preparation for the upcoming WSKF events.


A big thank you to everyone involved – it was a great knowledge based day for all!

KSA Bloemfontein League – April 2019

24 Apr

Six (06) WSKF members competed in the Karate South Africa (KSA) Bloemfontein League that was hosted by the Free State Karate Federation (FSKF) at the Tempe Sports Hall in Bloemfontein, 12 – 14 April 2019.

The karateka who took part were Sasha Rogowski (12), Lebo Motshweneng (15), Marco Botha (15), Duncan Rogowski (17), Wenette Jordaan (22) and Brandon Shepherd (23); representing three (03) different provinces namely, Gauteng, Free State and North West.

In the Senior WKF Kata divisions, Brandon Shepherd placed 2nd and Wenette Jordaan 3rd, respectively.

In the Kumite divisions, the members medalled as follows:

Lebo Motshweneng, 14-15 years Cadets, under 70kg, 3rd Place
Marco Botha, 16-17years Juniors, under 61kg, 3rd Place

The event was well organized and the four (04) floors flowed smoothly throughout the day.

WSKF Regional Black & Brown Belt Training – April 2019

24 Apr

Senior grade karateka form Gauteng, Free State and North West provinces gathered on 13 April 2019 for the second regional training opportunity of 2019. This training session was hosted by Kime Karate Dojo in Centurion, Tshwane.
Karateka were privileged to receive instruction from four highly qualified, experienced senior instructors of the organisation. The program was comprised of five sections, each of which underscored the central theme of effective power delivery.
The first session was led by John Rust Sensei (Rusty’s Karate Academy). The stances neko ashi dachi and fudo dachi received special attention. Focus was placed on the required distribution of weight, the effective contraction and expansion between successive steps, and on the different muscle groups which support correct execution of these two advanced stances. Mastery of neko ashi dachi and fudo dachi is evaluated in karateka who attempt Yondan grading.

During the second session, Stephan Steyn Sensei (Steyn Dojo) challenged the participants’ understanding and consequent application of effective hip techniques for effective power delivery in the kata Tekki Shodan. Karateka were encouraged to entrench these highly effective techniques in their performance of this kata, through deliberate and consistent practice.
The Tekki kata theme was carried further in the third part where Simone Roig y Collado Sensei (Kime Karate Dojo) demonstrated the detail of hand techniques as well as the timing and rhythm in the kata Tekki Nidan. Different applications of the various hand techniques were discussed and demonstrated, thereby equipping students with the information needed to execute the techniques in an increasingly effective manner. Simone Roig y Collado Sensei highlighted the variation between the three Tekki katas in terms of their respective number of movements versus performance time.

Instruction on Tekki Sandan (the third and final of the Tekki katas) was given by Marius Jordaan Sensei (WSKF SA Assistant Chief Instructor), who also enlightened students on the origin and initial purpose of the Tekki katas. Emphasis was placed on the self-defence applications of the techniques found in Tekki Sandan. Karateka were admonished to reflect thoughtfully on the practicality of explanations of karate techniques. The vast amount of readily-available online material does not necessarily pass the test of actual combat application.
The concluding session was also led by Marius Jordaan Sensei. Students were challenged to improve the effectiveness of power delivery in both punching and kicking techniques. Hip application, utilisation of momentum and subsequent achievement of balance was demonstrated and practised.
These sessions highlighted the importance of regularly attending these invaluable training opportunities for two reasons: the advanced, detailed training elements can often not be shared in regular training sessions; and standardisation is optimised in the unified platform of the regional training sessions.

4th UWKSA Nationals – March 2019

29 Mar

4th UWKSA Nationals

Students from our Centurion dojo were invited to the 4th UWKSA Nationals on the 30th of March. The competition was endorsed by the WUKF (World Union of Karate-Do Federations) and was held at the South African Lipizzaners Hall. The day kicked off with a great treat, as the competitors were accompanied by two of the majestic Lipizzaners with the competition walk in.

There was great spirit all round as the first junior events started followed by the senior events. The competition was well run and it was a very fun day for the entire team. We sent a small senior team to compete and they came back with great results.

● Pierre de Klerk : 1st Kata
● Morrie Swart : 1st Kumite
● Carien Hartzenberg : 2nd Kata
● Pierre de Klerk : 2nd Kumite
● Morrie Swart : 3rd Kata

Lebo Motshweneng KSA 3rd place

25 Mar

Lebohang Motshweneng from WSKF Kuro-Obi Shotokan Karate-do Institute, Sasolburg Dojo, received a third place in Kumite at the recent KSA National Championships held in Cape Town on the 16/17th March 2019.

Lebo received his Free state colours during trials held in Bloemfontein on the 9/10th February 2019.

History : In 2010, at the age of 6, Lebo’s karate career started under Sensei Bryan Dukas. He started competing in 2012 at the age of 8 where he was chosen to represent Sedibeng at District Level, where he achieved highly.

In 2014, when he was 10 years old, he was fortunate to have the opportunity to compete at Provincial level, National level, and then selected to represent our country at the Zone 6 competition.

In 2015, due to his performance, he was selected to represent South Africa at the 9th Youth World Cup in Croatia. This was a great honour for him, as he got exposure and the opportunity to learn from his peers who came from different parts of the world.

Currently: Lebo trains basically every day. His main training dojo is at Sasolburg Dojo, but also trains with other WSKF instructors in the Vaal Region. Before competitions, Lebo puts in huge amount of effort to attend extra classes with instructors that can assist him from a technical point of view. Lebo has a mind-set of “back to basics”, because like he says: “I have learned from my instructor, if my basics are good the rest will fall in place.”

Word from his current Instructor: “In this past 8 years I have seen Lebo develop into the karateka he is today, Lebo has a deep passion for karate. He is a hardworking and dedicated karateka, always eager to learn. Throughout the years he has become a great young role model for new young karateka. I see him growing up to be an established senior black belt and exhibits the qualities of assistant instructor in the dojo one day, he is one of the top performers in karate overall. His achievements speaks louder than words. As a member of WSKF karate, I have found Lebo to be motivated and a responsible student who master technique and applies it well. He ask questions to ensure that he has a firm understanding of the technique. Lebo is self-motivated and gets along with all his fellow karateka”.

Congratulations to other members of the WSKF Kuro-Obi Shotokan Karate-do Institute, Sasolburg Dojo who also received their Free State colours, Ulani Erasmus, Declan Gerber and Sasha Rogowski.

Andre Bertel Sensei Seminar

15 Mar


WSKF students from all over South Africa travelled to Port Elizabeth for the highly anticipated Andre Bertel Sensei Seminar during the first weekend of March. The extremely successful seminar was hosted by United Shotokan Ryu (USR) and it was Bertel Sensei’s second visit to the African continent.

Bertel Sensei is an internationally respected, dynamic and inspirational teacher, with an unparalleled knowledge of Shotokan karate. He received private tuition from the late Japanese Shotokan karate master, Tetsuhiko Asai Sensei, and is now considered to be one of the leading practitioners of Asai-Ha Shotokan Ryu.

The seminar focused on devastating self-defense techniques and applications practiced before World War II, many of which have since been almost forgotten since the internationalization of Shotokan karate.

Bertel Sensei, originally from New Zealand, now lives in Oita City, Japan.
All WSKF students present left the seminar inspired and grateful for the wealth of new knowledge gained.
A special thank you to Gary Grapentin Sensei (Chairperson USR) for extending the invitation to our students and allowing all to experience training with this contemporary karate master.


WSKF Regional Black and Brown Belt Training – March 2019

15 Mar

The monthly regional senior training was hosted in Vereeniging dojo on Saturday, 9th March 2019. Training was conducted by Marius Jordaan Sensei who started the session with a variation of one step kumite with emphasis on effective counter attack.

This was followed by kihon presented by Andrio Lombaard Sensei. The focus of this month’s basics was the Shodan grading syllabus, specifically arm techniques.

The final two sessions were focused on kata with Martin Pretorius Sensei presenting kata Jion and Simone Roig y Collado Sensei presenting kata Basai Dai. Both katas are essential in preparation for Dan grading.

Training was well attended, with everyone training very hard. Students from Vereeniging, Vanderbijlpark, Potchefstroom, Pretoria, Centurion and Alberton were present.

WSKF National Instructor Seminar – 2019

06 Mar

On the 26th January a WSKF Karate seminar was held at WSKF Karate Vaal Vereeniging Dojo. Black belts from all WSKF clubs attended this seminar that was led by Mike Dukas, Chief Instructor, WSKF SA. Karatika from as far as Angola attended this seminar. The slogan of the seminar was : “Back to basics” and Dojo heads concentrated on the basics of karate.

Provincial Achievements for WSKF SA – 2019

05 Mar

Karateka of Langebaan Karate Centre excels at KSA Championships held at Kuils River.Twelve karateka took part during 9 - 10 February this year and a total of 14 medals were won.

At the back (from left to right): Jan de Wet, Jan Marx (Instructor), Les Liebenberg (Instructor), Tiaan Henrico
Middle (from left to right): Aura Gottling, Danré Briel
Front (from left to right): Daniel Johnson, Ty Ribaudo, Caiden Vorster, Mischke Schoeman, Brett Oosthuizen, Annabelle Hulley
Insert: Inge Titus, Cai Marquez

For the Orange Free State Province we had the following students excel in there respective divisions: Duncan Rogowski <21 Male Kata, Ulani Erasmus 16/17 Jnr Female Kata, Lebohang Motshweneng 14/15 Male Kata and 14/15 Male Kumite <70kg, Sasha Rogowski  12/13 Girls Kata and Declan Gerber 12/13 Boys Kata

Well done to all karateka