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We are currently tradings as Shotokan Karate Knysna-Plett with two Dojos, one in Knysna and one in Plett. We offer instruction in Shotokan Karate, one of Japan’s oldest Karate Styles and it just keeps on growing.

KARATE INVITATION FOR CHILDREN – Want to try or START KARATE, 1st class is a COMPLIMENTARY trial lesson.

Girls, siblings & friends are WELCOME to experience what KARATE OFFERS, and learn to DEFEND yourself whilst getting FIT.

Please dress light and remember, we train barefoot.

Looking forward to meeting You, introduce yourself

[ Instructors ]
    John Peach Sensei – Godan - Chief Instructor

Training Hours]

Knysna has 2 venues and classes are hosted every Monday & Wednesday.

Anglican Church Hall, Unity Street, Knysna.
  Beginner Juniors (5-7 years) start at 14h30-15h15 every Monday & Wednesday.
  Juniors (7-12 years) start at 14h30-16h00 every Monday & Wednesday.

NG Church Hall, Fichat Street, Knysna.
  Senior classes start at 17h30-19h00 every Monday & Wednesday.

[ Contact Information ]
   John Peach: +27 (0) 83 5777 146

  karate .knysna.Plett
  Anglican church hall, Unity Str, opposite TOYOTA, KNYSNA

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