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WSKF Meyerton dojo opened its doors on 21 January 2020. Dojo Head is sensei Tiaan van Wyk (2 nd dan) assisted in terms of WSKF protocol by sensei Marius Jordaan (6 th dan) The basis of our teachings is based on traditional karate principles as taught by WSKF Japan. These principles include mental and physical training in the various applications of karate namely kumite, kata and kihon. All three aspects are the building blocks of a proper and healthy development of the mental and physical development in karate, and extremely beneficial to all participants- old and young.

We offer classes to kiddies and adults as beginners as well as advanced classes for those already involved in karate for some time. Karate is an art based on respect and discipline and we implement this in a controlled environment through all our teachings. We live in very difficult and sometimes violent times, and karate is the perfect vehicle to improve physical capabilities as well as mental preparation leading to an overall healthier life.

[ Instructors ]
  Marius Jordaan Sensei - Rokudan - Senior Instructor
   Tiaan van Wyk - Nidan - Dojo Head

[ Training Hours ]
Monday and Wednesday:
  17:30 - 18:15 (yellow-green belt)

Tuesday and Thursday:
  17:30-19:15 (first class=beginners) (second class blue-black belt)

[ Contact Information ]
  Tiaan van Wyk:

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