WSKF-SA Black Belt Awards Ceremony and Formal Dinner – 2024

20 Jan

Photo credits: Karate in Focus

Close on the heels of the intensive and gruelling annual WSKF Instructors Seminar, Black Belt karateka came together at the Black Belt Awards Ceremony and Formal Dinner. This year marked the 50th anniversary of this tradition and what a memorable evening it proved to be…

The beautiful décor, delicious food and heart-warming company provided the backdrop for a stellar Awards Ceremony.

There was much to celebrate about 2023… The National Team representing WSKF-SA in Japan returned with suitcases full of well-deserved medals. The affiliation of new dojos and existing dojos from across the country was honoured and celebrated. Individual and team achievements on regional, national, and continental levels received recognition. To top it all off, National Dan Grading results were celebrated with pristine, hand-crafted certificates, fresh out of Japan.

Gentlemen, in their formal WSKF attire, and ladies, donned in their evening finery, took their places as the festivities began.








First on the programme, recognition was given to the members of the National Team who participated and won Gold- (6), Silver- (7) and Bronze medals (11) at the recent WSKF 16th World Championship event in Japan (November 2023).  (Photo credit: Charlene Biggs

Next, the dojo’s who are affiliated with WSKF-SA received their official Affiliation Certificates. The prestigious “Best Dojo” trophy was awarded to Karate Vaal Dojo, under the leadership of Martin Pretorius Sensei. This award recognises excellence in all matters related to karate and participation in WSKF-SA, both on and off the tatami.

Throughout the year, various karateka competed in regional tournaments, on provincial level, on national level and in international tournaments. A number of these students were awarded Protea Colours for Karate, and their superb achievements were celebrated, as they joined the ranks of those who have gone before them.

Topping off the celebrations, karateka who passed their Dan Gradings, were awarded their official Japanese certificates. Most notably amongst these karateka were the awards for senior students (5th Dan and higher) who are obliged to grade under the scrutiny of the WSKF World Chief Instructor, Hitoshi Kasuya Sensei.

Promoted to Nanadan (7th Dan), Quentin Rourke Sensei was commended for his excellent grading performance.

Tatjana Radojevic-Rogowski Sensei was promoted to Godan (5th Dan) and received a commendation for her exceptional grading.

For his notably outstanding grading performance, Sandile Makwali Sensei was promoted to the rank of Godan (5th Dan).

Instructors who have recently joined WSKF-SA also received their re-registration acknowledgement.


Louis Ramakulukusha Sensei was recognised for his rank of Rokudan (6th Dan)







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