Louis Ramakulukusha

6th Dan

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Louis Ramakulukusha sensei is currently a Dojo Head at the World Shotokan Karate-do Federation South Africa.

Full Name:  Louis Ramakulukusha
Date of birth:  27 March 1973
Family details:  My family originates from Venda and our roots emerge from Zimbabwe.
Stays in:  Benoni, Crystal Park
Occupation:  Human Resources Manager
Date started Karate: January 1989
First instructor:  Sensei Tsebo Mohapi
Dojo of affiliation: WSKF, KSA, EKF & GKF
My favourite saying:  “Make it happen”
Best karate memory:  My first encounter at the Commonwealth International Championship and being one of the KSA Coaches in 2015.
Karate Dream:  To be a Protea Athlete, represent SA, and be a Top sport Karate Coach.
Favourite Kata:  I love katas, Unsu; Gojusho Dai & Sho; Gankaku but Kanku Dai is my all-time favorite.
Favourite Technique: 
Chudan mawashi geri.