[ About ]

The Crystal Park Dojo Tigers was established in 2016 when Sensei Louis moved to Benoni from Pretoria where he had a dojo called the Sunshine Dojo. When he arrived in Crystal Park there was no sporting facilities around as a result he started training and teaching at his house in a car port. The weather conditions which affected his classes compelled him to build a solid dojo at his house. Since then the dojo has been operational and it is registered under Ekurhuleni Karate Federation (EFK) and Gauteng Karate Federation (GKF) and Karate South Africa (KSA). The dojo has produced the regional; provincial and National colors athletes. The dojo also offer both the traditional Shotokan karate-do and sports karate. Sensei Louis as the Senior GKF and EKF Coach he also offers the delegated sports karate classes on Fridays evenings and in the week days mornings to orientate his athletes on the WKF competition preparations.

[ Instructors ]

  Louis Ramakulukusha Sensei – Rokudan - Chief Instructor

[ Training Hours ]

  Mondays and Wednesdays 17h45 to 18h45 and 18h45 to 20h00
  Fridays 18h00 to 20h00
  Saturdays 07h00 to 08h30

[ Contact Information ]

  Louis Ramakulukusha: +27 763381014
  29 Clydesdale Street, Crystal Park, EXT 1 Benoni

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