Mike Dukas

8th Dan

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Achievement: Mike Dukas Sensei was awarded his 8th Dan in 2017.

WSKF South Africa: Established in 1990 under the leadership of Nigel Jackson Sensei, WSKF South Africa has been a prominent force in the world of karate. In December 2010, Nigel Jackson Sensei resigned from WSKF Japan. In May 2011, during his visit to Japan, Mike Dukas Sensei met Kasuya Sensei and engaged in discussions about the state of WSKF Karate in South Africa.

Appointment as Chief Instructor: Recognizing Mike Dukas Sensei’s exceptional skills and dedication, Kasuya Sensei subsequently appointed him as the Chief Instructor and sole representative for WSKF Karate in South Africa. In addition to this role, Mike Sensei also serves as a member of the esteemed Saiko Shihan.

For any inquiries or further information, please reach out to:

WSKF South Africa

  • Mike Dukas Sensei: +27 (0) 84 372 0355
  • Marion Dukas (General Secretary): +27 (0) 84 580 6075

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