Phillip Venter

6th Dan

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Phillip Venter sensei, currently a Senior Dojo Head in the World Shotokan Karate-do Federation South Africa and is a specialist in applying pressure points in close-quarter combat.

Full name: Phillip Venter
Date of Birth: 2 September 1963
Family details: Married to Linda with 3 daughters, Elsje, Anja and Lindie
Town of Birth: Fochville
Occupation: School teacher at Marais Viljoen High School, teaching Life Sciences and Physical Sciences
Date started karate: January 1983
First instructor: Kelly Anderson Sensei
Dojo of affiliation: Kihon Karate
Favourite saying: If you are not prepared to get hit, I know a good ballet school / Build a bridge and get over it
Best karate memory: When my students stood on the podium at the World Championships receiving medals while the National anthem played.
Karate Dream:  To train and have the ability to transfer energy effectively. To one day understand Karate in full. “Ikken hissatsu”
Favourite Kata:   Bassai-dai and Unsu
Favourite Karate Technique:   Kizami tsuki