Stephan Steyn

4th Dan

Stephan Steyn, also known as Stephanus Frederik Steyn, is a dedicated and accomplished instructor within the World Shotokan Karate-do Federation South Africa. As a senior member of the Saiko Shihan and a respected dojo head, he is renowned for his dynamic and passionate teaching style.

Here’s a glimpse into Stephan’s background:

  • Full Name: Stephanus Frederik Steyn (Stephan for short)
  • Date of Birth: March 13, 1987
  • Family Details: Oldest of three siblings
  • Town of Birth: Duiwelskloof (Modjadjiskloof), Limpopo
  • Occupation: Registered Pharmacist, currently employed as a lecturer and researcher at North-West University. His research focuses on childhood depression and the potential benefits of exercise and omega-3 supplements as augmentative treatment options.
  • Years in Karate: Stephan began his karate journey in 1994, accumulating 23 years of experience.
  • First Instructor: Marco Fanicchi Sensei
  • Best Karate Memory: Representing South Africa at the 8th Student World Championships in Slovakia in 2012.
  • Karate Dream: Stephan aspires to teach karate in a way that positively impacts others, inspiring them to pursue and excel in their own karate careers.
  • Favorite Katas: Bassai-dai and Unsu

Stephan Steyn sensei brings his expertise, energy, and enthusiasm to every class, creating an engaging and rewarding learning environment. Join him on this karate journey and unlock your full potential.

Contact Stephan for more information or to book a session. Let’s embark on a path of growth and mastery together!