Benefits of Karate

04 Dec

Karate is one of the most balanced and complete ways of keeping in good physical condition. Karate incorporates the use of the entire body in which legs, hips, spine, shoulders and arms are co-ordinated to develop balance, flexibility, poise, speed, strength and stamina. No other form of training uses as many parts of the body to such an extent. Karate is not seasonal and so one’s condition can be maintained throughout the year. Other forms of training, where exercise for the sake of exercise is done, become a chore after the first enthusiasm passes and are invariably dropped. However, Karate becomes more interesting and rewarding as you progress, without any limit. Even after decades of training, students will still be learning and improving their techniques – this is very rare in any sport.

Karate training has many benefits for children, especially the development of three important areas of their personality, namely self-confidence, etiquette and discipline.


Karate helps prepare a child for life. The children in our Karate classes know more is expected of them and with a little encouragement and support from their instructor and parents, they rise to the occasion.


Children are taught from the outset that Karate is primarily a defensive and not an offensive martial art. They learn to be polite and respect their fellow students, instructor and parents. Soon, they become aware that good manners consist of having consideration for other people.


Children react to discipline very well and after a short period they develop self-discipline. Their concentration is enhanced as they focus their mind on the job in hand. Many parents notice a marked improvement in their child’s powers of concentration.

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