WSKF Black Belt Training – November 2023

13 Dec

The WSKF Black Belt Training took place at the esteemed Kuro-Obi Shotokan Karate-do dojo on November 4th, marking an enriching experience for all participants.

Training was divided into two sessions, each offering valuable insights and skill enhancement. The first session was expertly led by Tatjana Radojevic-Rogowski Sensei, who placed a strong emphasis on the refinement of kicking techniques. Over the course of slightly more than an hour, attendees were immersed in a detailed exploration of the nuances of proper kicking form. It swiftly became apparent that there was significant room for improvement in our execution. A particular highlight was the dedicated attention given to the precise muscles essential for executing various kicks, complemented by meticulous guidance on the alignment of the karateka’s stance, feet, and knees. This comprehensive approach culminated in equipping attendees with the knowledge to deliver powerful, swift, and controlled kicks. The session concluded with a series of stretching exercises aimed at fortifying the core and thigh muscles, promising an elevated kicking performance in the future.

The latter portion of the training was under the competent guidance of Goran Stankovic Sensei. Participants were honoured to delve into the intricate Sochin kata. Throughout this segment, Goran Sensei dedicated time to explain the bunkai associated with various movements within the kata, thereby shedding light on its underlying sequences. This approach fostered an appreciation for the kata’s depth and complexity.

In summary, the WSKF Black Belt Training held at the Kuro-Obi Shotokan Karate-do dojo on November 4th provided an invaluable platform for skill development and knowledge acquisition. Participants departed with a heightened understanding of the art and a stronger commitment to their martial arts journey.

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