8’th Dan for Sensei Mike

01 Oct

We are so incredibly proud to announce that Michael Dukas Sensei has successfully graded to 8th Dan in Tokyo, Japan!

Mike Sensei has dedicated his life to karate-do and is a true ambassador of the art. His passion, drive and commitment has only become stronger over the years and is evident in both his personal training and teaching.

Mike Sensei – your strict yet kind leadership, coupled with your strong sense of integrity and humility, makes each one of the WSKF SA members honoured to be under your guidance!

We are also equally proud to announce that Bryan Dukas Sensei has successfully graded to 6th Dan in Tokyo, Japan!

Bryan Sensei is renowned for his technical expertise and this was highlighted at the grading. He is a true testament to karate-do.

Congratulations on these remarkable achievements!

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