WSKF National Instructors Seminar – 2022

28 Jan

On the weekend of 21-23 January 2022, the annual WSKF Instructors and Examiners Seminar kicked off on the Friday with basics and Kata training at the WSKF Vaal Karate dojo in Vereeniging.



It was observed by the WSKF SA Chief Instructor, Shihan Mike Dukas, that many black belts and instructors lack the fundamentals in Kihon (basics) as this is reflected in both kata in kumite. He urges all WSKF members to apply the following: “learn one thing properly, and you will know many things”. Some points to consider and apply during training include 1) maintain flexibility, 2) apply the correct use of power, 3) maintain focused breathing, 4) ensure you apply the correct muscle groups, 5) understand centre of body gravity position; and lastly, more repetition of all techniques is essential – Train Every Day!

Sandile Makwali Sensei from Bloemfontein, Free State indicated that what he learned about was weight distribution, and the importance of slow training and basic training. He also observed the ease with which members were asking questions and being given the opportunity to share their knowledge of karate and the way they understand karate. He mentioned that there were so many things to learn for new-comers to WSKF and that not everything could be covered in such a short period of time. According to Sensei Sandile, the training kept him on his toes all the time, which means a lot coming from our National Kumite Champion himself!



Sensei Natasha Mc Kelvin from Knysna, Eastern Cape found the seminar to be practically informative, refreshing, dynamic, yet personal. Also new to WSKF, she mentioned that the syllabus is substantially different from what she is used to. Sensei Natasha was surprised by the heartfelt, warm, friendly manners of everyone attending. From a technical perspective, she was amazed at the general level and high standard of the Karate performance and delivery observed.

Most seniors mentioned that they wish there was more time to conclude the Instructors Seminar; and some have invited Shihan Mike to teach and repeat at their dojos. Sensei Wesley Deysel (February 2022) and Sensei Stephan Steyn (May 2022).

Some reflection from the youngsters who attended included “Wow! It was intense, how will I remember everything?”, “I wish Sensei Mike was still here (Vaal)”, “Shjo, I’m tired. When does the Black Belt Dinner start?”

WSKF National Instructors Seminar – 2020

26 Jan

The first day of the National Instructors Seminar hosted in WSKF dojos from across southern Africa was well represented, with dojo heads and senior students from Langebaan in the south all the way to Windhoek in the north!

A content-packed day on the second day of the National Instructors Seminar! After the previous day’s focus on kata, this day focused on intense Kihon and Kumite training. This was followed by a judging course and the annual AGM for all dojo heads.


Monthly Regional Senior training in Potchefstroom

04 Nov

The monthly regional senior training was hosted in Potchefstroom this last Saturday. It was great training with the theme from all instructors focusing on fixing common mistakes.

The training started with a high energy Kumite movement session presented by Stephan Steyn Sensei. This was followed by a session focused on leg strengthening exercises and correct stance and footwork with Simone Roig Sensei. The final session, presented by Marius Jordaan Sensei, focused on intensity in Gohon Kumite.

All students wore green belts on the day to support the victorious Springboks as they took part in the Rugby World Cup final!

Langebaan Karate Centre Dan Grading & Training

30 Sep

On abovementioned date three karateka from the Langebaan Karate Centre were  evaluated for Dan gradings by Shihan Mike Dukas and Sensei Jan Marx. After the grading the Langebaan Karateka had a very informative training session with Shihan Mike.

Sensei Les Liebenberg attained his Third Dan and Inge Titus her Second Dan. Sensei Lieb is 70 years old and is a noble example to the karateka of the Langebaan Dojo as he trains every evening from Monday to Thursday as well as on Saturday mornings.

Sensei Jan requested Shihan Mike to present training on the applicability of basics during the initial phases of development in kumite techniques. Shihan Mike gave an excellent overview of how basic techniques make up the foundation for kata and kumite. One aspect he emphasised was the importance of coordinating hip and limb movement during attacking and defending movements. These basic techniques were then applied practising gohon kumite.

It is always a great privilege to train under Shihan Mike.  His willingness to travel to Langebaan and his involvement with our Dojo is highly appreciated.

One thing that was once again clear after this training session is:  PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.

Arigatõ, Shihan Mike!

WSKF South Africa Japan Tour – 2019

11 Aug

The WSKF South African team of 15 members departed from Johannesburg on Sunday, 11th August, to Tokyo via Dubai. At Haneda airport, Tokyo, the team was picked up by bus and travelled to the Sakura Hotel in Ikebukuro.


South African Team in South Africa and at Tokyo Haneda Airport


The first day in Japan was used to recover from jetlag and to do some exploring. The team travelled to the famous Takeshita Street in Harajuku by train where they walked around and started to feel part of the Japanese community.

Harajuko and team at Yoyogi Park


A special training session with Isaka Sensei was held on Thursday. A three hour stretching session was conducted by Isaka Sensei where he taught exercises to stress the importance of muscle and bone movement. His famous quote, “Move like animal”, was heard repeatedly during the great training.

Training with Isaka Sensei


Friday was a day off from training and the team visited Shibya, where some took photographs at the famous Hachico sculpture and some took pictures of the night-lights at the busiest street crossing in the world.

Shibuya Night Lights and Hachico Sculpture


The team travelled to the beautiful seaside town of Kamakura on Saturday, where they visited Gichin Funakoshi’s shrine and trained with Kawasaki Sensei. This training session was full of energy and students were able to do test one on one fighting techniques, as well as some kata training (Hangetsu).

Training With Kawasaki Sensei in Kamakura


The official WSKF Technical Seminar was held from the 19th to 21st August 2019 at the Tokyo Budokan in Ayase. The seminar was conducted by WSKF World Chief Instructor, Hitoshi Kasuya Sensei (9th Dan). Days were hot and humidity was high. The sweat poured to the ground from time to time due to the heat and the intensive training combination. Each class started with warm up exercises and the importance of which exercises should be done before training was discussed. After warm up, class would commence with the three elements that make up Karate, namely: Kihon, Kumite and Kata. Special spin techniques, combination kumite techniques and the four sentei Kata’s (Bassai-Dai, Jion, Enpi and Kanku-Dai) were worked on and discussed.

Technical seminar at the Tokyo Budokan in Ayase


All country referees and judges would remain after training each day to practice and discuss the rules of the upcoming competition. On Wednesday, 21st August 2019, Kasua Sensei conducted the Dan examinations. It was a pleasure to see Mike Dukas Sensei (8th Dan) be invited to sit on the Dan grading panel. The following members successfully passed their gradings:

  • John Rust : Rokudan (6th Dan)
  • Phillip Venter : Rokudan (6th Dan)
  • Simone Roig y Collado : Godan (5th Dan)
  • Andrio Lombaard : Godan (5th Dan)
  • Cobus Nienaber : Yondan (4th Dan)
  • Lebo Motswaneng : Shodan (1st Dan)


Senior Training, Referee & Table Officials Course – 2019

15 Jun

A busy day and another excellent regional senior training hosted in Vereeninging, followed by a successful referee and table official course conducted by Mike Sensei and Tatjana Sensei respectively.

In the first part of senior training, Mike Sensei focused on kihon and there-after the katas Sochin, Jitte, and Basai Dai were looked at in detail in preparation for the upcoming Japan grading.

After a fantastic lunch prepared by Lynette and John, the referee and table official courses commenced. Mike Sensei conducted a great referee course and all students old and new had the opportunity for valuable practical experience with different scenarios presented.

The table official course was conducted by Tatjana Sensei and the team of students and parents ran through their own set of draw sheet scenarios all in preparation for the upcoming WSKF events.

A big thank you to everyone involved – it was a great knowledge based day for all!

Andre Bertel Sensei Seminar

15 Mar


WSKF students from all over South Africa travelled to Port Elizabeth for the highly anticipated Andre Bertel Sensei Seminar during the first weekend of March. The extremely successful seminar was hosted by United Shotokan Ryu (USR) and it was Bertel Sensei’s second visit to the African continent.

Bertel Sensei is an internationally respected, dynamic and inspirational teacher, with an unparalleled knowledge of Shotokan karate. He received private tuition from the late Japanese Shotokan karate master, Tetsuhiko Asai Sensei, and is now considered to be one of the leading practitioners of Asai-Ha Shotokan Ryu.

The seminar focused on devastating self-defense techniques and applications practiced before World War II, many of which have since been almost forgotten since the internationalization of Shotokan karate.

Bertel Sensei, originally from New Zealand, now lives in Oita City, Japan.
All WSKF students present left the seminar inspired and grateful for the wealth of new knowledge gained.
A special thank you to Gary Grapentin Sensei (Chairperson USR) for extending the invitation to our students and allowing all to experience training with this contemporary karate master.


WSKF Regional Black and Brown Belt Training – March 2019

15 Mar

The monthly regional senior training was hosted in Vereeniging dojo on Saturday, 9th March 2019. The training was conducted by Marius Jordaan Sensei who started the session with a variation of one step Kumite with emphasis on effective counterattack.

This was followed by Kihon presented by Andrio Lombaard Sensei. The focus of this month’s basics was the Shodan grading syllabus, specifically arm techniques.

The final two sessions were focused on kata with Martin Pretorius Sensei presenting kata Jion and Simone Roig y Collado Sensei presenting kata Basai Dai. Both katas are essential in preparation for Dan grading.

The training was well attended, with everyone training very hard. Students from Vereeniging, Vanderbijlpark, Potchefstroom, Pretoria, Centurion and Alberton were present.

WSKF National Instructor Seminar – 2019

06 Mar

On the 26th January a WSKF Karate seminar was held at WSKF Karate Vaal Vereeniging Dojo. Black belts from all WSKF clubs attended this seminar that was led by Mike Dukas, Chief Instructor, WSKF SA. Karatika from as far as Angola attended this seminar. The slogan of the seminar was: “Back to basics” and Dojo heads concentrated on the basics of karate.