WSKF South Africa Japan Tour – 2013

22 Oct

Congratulations to all our members who made us feel so proud…. We take this opportunity of thanking all our members for being so well behaved on and off the floor.

Our karate etiquette is something to be proud of!!

The three day training Seminar was very tough, but was enjoyed by everyone who took part in it. Kasuya Sensei was, as always very inspiring. It was great to train with karateka from other countries. New friendships were formed during this time – this is always the bonus that comes with such an event!


Tokyo is a fabulous city to explore – a city full of history and beautiful culture. Everyone enjoyed the sightseeing during their free time (not a lot of free time available!!) – great fun was had by all members – despite the heat and humidity.


• Marius Jordaan Sensei Rokudan (6th Dan)
• Christo Riekert Sensei Yondan (4th Dan)
• Andrio Lombaard Sensei Yondan (4th Dan)
• Brandon Shepherd Sensei Nidan (2nd Dan)
• Ewald Van Zyl Sensei Nidan (2nd Dan)
• Elandre Strauss Shodan (1st Dan
• Daniel Nunes Shodan (1st Dan)
• Marelie Botha Shodan (1st Dan)
• Wenette Jordaan Shodan (1st Dan)

The people who graded proved that we have a high standard of karate. Kasuya Sensei was happy with our results. Congratulations to all of you.

Referees Course:

Mike Sensei and Marius Sensei completed the course.

•    We have just received a letter from Kasuya Sensei thanking all our members for the help given to the organizing committee in cleaning up after the championships.  This just proves what kind of members we have in our dojos – thanks to all of you.


Mike Sensei and Bryan Sensei demonstrated Sochin Kata during the championships.

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