WSKF Development Championships – 2016

25 Sep

On Saturday, 17th September 2016, WSKF South Africa once again hosted a very successful Development Tournament in Vanderbijlpark.

More than 240 karateka between the ages of 5 and 21 took part in this event and presented a high level of competition in front of a full stadium of spectators. Teams from the various WSKF dojos in Gauteng and North West Province competed.

The tournament included kata, kumite and team kata divisions as well as a nunchaku demonstration and a kumite demonstration.


Sensei Mike Dukas expressed his thanks to the various instructors for the many hours they put in to train the karateka for this event. He also stated that he is very proud of every member who participated. He felt proud of the good manners, discipline and great spirit displayed by competitors and officials alike. “This is what karate is about”


This championship is held every two years to encourage young karateka to enter their first tournament and to give the more experienced karateka a chance to compete against other dojos.  It also gives referees and judges an opportunity to improve their judging skills.  It is also the start of the preparations for the more experienced WSKF members who will be representing WSKF South Africa at the World WSKF Karate Championships in Tokyo, Japan in August next year.

We look forward to more interaction between karateka of the various WSKF dojos in the future.

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