WSKF National Instructors Seminar – 2022

28 Jan

On the weekend of 21-23 January 2022, the annual WSKF Instructors and Examiners Seminar kicked off on the Friday with basics and Kata training at the WSKF Vaal Karate dojo in Vereeniging.



It was observed by the WSKF SA Chief Instructor, Shihan Mike Dukas, that many black belts and instructors lack the fundamentals in Kihon (basics) as this is reflected in both kata in kumite. He urges all WSKF members to apply the following: “learn one thing properly, and you will know many things”. Some points to consider and apply during training include 1) maintain flexibility, 2) apply the correct use of power, 3) maintain focused breathing, 4) ensure you apply the correct muscle groups, 5) understand centre of body gravity position; and lastly, more repetition of all techniques is essential – Train Every Day!

Sandile Makwali Sensei from Bloemfontein, Free State indicated that what he learned about was weight distribution, and the importance of slow training and basic training. He also observed the ease with which members were asking questions and being given the opportunity to share their knowledge of karate and the way they understand karate. He mentioned that there were so many things to learn for new-comers to WSKF and that not everything could be covered in such a short period of time. According to Sensei Sandile, the training kept him on his toes all the time, which means a lot coming from our National Kumite Champion himself!



Sensei Natasha Mc Kelvin from Knysna, Eastern Cape found the seminar to be practically informative, refreshing, dynamic, yet personal. Also new to WSKF, she mentioned that the syllabus is substantially different from what she is used to. Sensei Natasha was surprised by the heartfelt, warm, friendly manners of everyone attending. From a technical perspective, she was amazed at the general level and high standard of the Karate performance and delivery observed.

Most seniors mentioned that they wish there was more time to conclude the Instructors Seminar; and some have invited Shihan Mike to teach and repeat at their dojos. Sensei Wesley Deysel (February 2022) and Sensei Stephan Steyn (May 2022).

Some reflection from the youngsters who attended included “Wow! It was intense, how will I remember everything?”, “I wish Sensei Mike was still here (Vaal)”, “Shjo, I’m tired. When does the Black Belt Dinner start?”

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