WSKF South Africa National Instructors Seminar – 2015

17 Feb

The annual National Instructors’ Seminar was held over two days i.e. 30th and 31st January 2015, in Vereeniging.

Instructors from various regions in South Africa attended this event.  The objective of this Seminar is to:

1.    Standardise the WSKF grading syllabus for all belt levels.

2.    To assist instructors in teaching methods of karate.

3.    To share technical know-how among all instructors and invited karatekas.

4.    To obtain feedback from dojo heads on progress of their dojos and regions.

The Annual Dojo Heads meeting was held after the Seminar.  A programme and plan for the New Year was tabled and accepted.
Thank you to all who attended this important event and for the positive contribution made by all who attended.

The camaraderie between the different regions was very good.

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