WSKF South Africa National Instructors’ Seminar – 2017

06 Feb

During the weekend of 27 and 28 January, WSKF South Africa presented its 6th annual National Instructors’ Seminar at the dojo in Vereeniging.
The very successful two-day seminar was attended by the WSKF SA shihankai, instructors and senior karateka representing various regions in South Africa.

The seminar was led by some of WSKF SA’s very highly qualified senior instructors, namely WSKF SA Chief Instructor Mike Dukas (7th Dan), Marius Jordaan (6th Dan), John Rust (5th Dan) Phillip Venter (5th Dan), Andrio Lombaard (4th Dan) Simone Roig y Collado (4th Dan) and Brandon Shepherd (2nd Dan) as well as Chief Instructor of WSKF Karate Angola, Carlos Contreiras Gouveia (6th Dan). Needless to say, Bryan Dukas (5th Dan), who recently relocated to Australia, was sorely missed.

The seminar focused on a number of high-level techniques to improve kata and kumite with particular emphasis on correct distancing and timing, and the usual combination of hip rotation (koshi no kaiten), expansion and contraction of body (tai no shinshuku) and flexibility (junansei). One of the many highlights was a very enlightening session on karate techniques using human pressure points.

Based on the feedback received, the very informative seminar presentations were well received and everyone appreciated this unique opportunity to interact with other WSKF SA members and learn from each other. We look forward to the next opportunity to improve our karate training and teaching skills.

The seminar was followed by the WSKF SA annual general meeting and meeting of the dojo heads from various regions in South Africa.
Train hard and make sure that you use every opportunity available to expand your training and hone your teaching skills.

Remember: Ichi-go ichi-e    一期一会

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