KSA Squad Training Camp – 2022

20 Mar

Sasha Rogowski (left) and Declan Gerber (right)

On 19-20 March 2022, Sasha Rogowski and Declan Gerber attended the KSA Squad Training Camp in Klerksdorp, North West.
They received instruction from the KSA National Head Coach, Sensei Michael Roets, with focus on Gojushiho-sho and Unsu Kata dynamics.

Karate South Africa (KSA) Children, Cadet and Juniors National Championships – 2022

04 Mar

Sasha Rogowski (second from left), placed 3rd in Junior Female 16/17 Kata division; 22 April 2022.

On 4 March 2022, the following WSKF students represented the Free State province at the Karate South Africa (KSA) Children, Cadet and Juniors National Championships in Tongaat, KZN:
Sasha Rogowski; did not place in the Junior Female 16/17 Kata division; but made it into the Top 6 rankings for her age category.
Declan Gerber; did not place in the Junior Male 16/17 Kata division; but he too made it into the Top 6 rankings for his age category.
*Malose Makhafola could unfortunately not attend the KSA Children, Cadet, Junior Nationals; Tongaat, KZN due to a neck sprain/injury.

WSKF Black Belt Dinner – 2022

22 Feb

On Saturday, 22 January 2022, after a grueling day of training, the annual WSKF Black Belt Dinner was attended by several WSKF Black Belts and their partners.


This traditional annual event comprised the mingling of Karateka and Instructors alike from different provinces across South Africa, good food catered for by Be My Guest Hotel on the Free State bank of the Vaal River, splendid décor provided by Lynette Pretorius, reflection on the year past by dojo heads, the handing over of Japan-issued grading certificates and final toasting of the evening with shots of Saki!








Mike Shihan surprised everyone by announcing that he had a special Dan Registration Book made for WSKF South Africa. The book was made by Helene van Aswegen, who lectures at Stellenbosch University in the Western Cape, who specialises in book binding using a Japanese method called “Seihon”. This extraordinary book was bound using a specific binding technique called “Fukuro Toji” also known as Japanese stab stitching. The paper used is also made from Japanese rice paper.


One of the new Black Belts, Bukile Mabaso, mentioned, ” Shihan in 50 years’ time I may be alive, you, unfortunately will not be alive, but the book will be alive”. True and wise words! Mike Shihan hopes that this Dan Registration Book will encourage all existing and new students to train hard and diligently so as to get their names printed in this historical book.

Free State trials and selections – 2022

05 Feb

On 5 February 2022 in Bloemfontein, Free State, the following WSKF students from Kuro-Obi Sasolburg, were selected to represent the Free State province at the Karate South Africa (KSA) National Championships:
Lebohang Motshweneng, placed 2nd in the u75kg Male u21 Kumite division; and was selected for the KSA u21, Senior, Veteran and Masters National Championships to be held in Gauteng, April 2022.
Sasha Rogowski, placed 1st in the 16/17 Female Kata division; she was selected for the KSA Children, Cadet and Juniors National Championships to be held in KZN, March 2022.
Declan Gerber, placed 1st in the 16/17 Male Kata division; he was selected for the KSA Children, Cadet and Juniors National Championships to be held in KZN, March 2022.
Malose Makhafola, placed joint 3rd in the u61kg 16/17 Male Kumite division; and selected for the KSA Children, Cadet and Juniors National Championships to be held in KZN, March 2022.

WSKF National Instructors Seminar – 2022

28 Jan

On the weekend of 21-23 January 2022, the annual WSKF Instructors and Examiners Seminar kicked off on the Friday with basics and Kata training at the WSKF Vaal Karate dojo in Vereeniging.



It was observed by the WSKF SA Chief Instructor, Shihan Mike Dukas, that many black belts and instructors lack the fundamentals in Kihon (basics) as this is reflected in both kata in kumite. He urges all WSKF members to apply the following: “learn one thing properly, and you will know many things”. Some points to consider and apply during training include 1) maintain flexibility, 2) apply the correct use of power, 3) maintain focused breathing, 4) ensure you apply the correct muscle groups, 5) understand centre of body gravity position; and lastly, more repetition of all techniques is essential – Train Every Day!

Sandile Makwali Sensei from Bloemfontein, Free State indicated that what he learned about was weight distribution, and the importance of slow training and basic training. He also observed the ease with which members were asking questions and being given the opportunity to share their knowledge of karate and the way they understand karate. He mentioned that there were so many things to learn for new-comers to WSKF and that not everything could be covered in such a short period of time. According to Sensei Sandile, the training kept him on his toes all the time, which means a lot coming from our National Kumite Champion himself!



Sensei Natasha Mc Kelvin from Knysna, Eastern Cape found the seminar to be practically informative, refreshing, dynamic, yet personal. Also new to WSKF, she mentioned that the syllabus is substantially different from what she is used to. Sensei Natasha was surprised by the heartfelt, warm, friendly manners of everyone attending. From a technical perspective, she was amazed at the general level and high standard of the Karate performance and delivery observed.

Most seniors mentioned that they wish there was more time to conclude the Instructors Seminar; and some have invited Shihan Mike to teach and repeat at their dojos. Sensei Wesley Deysel (February 2022) and Sensei Stephan Steyn (May 2022).

Some reflection from the youngsters who attended included “Wow! It was intense, how will I remember everything?”, “I wish Sensei Mike was still here (Vaal)”, “Shjo, I’m tired. When does the Black Belt Dinner start?”

Langebaan – Championship & Prizegiving – 2021

11 Nov
With much anticipation, Langebaan Dojo finally had our internal championship this past Saturday, 6 November 2021.

Everyone was so excited to be competing again. Especially after 2020 and Covid-19. It seems things are finally getting a little bit more normal.




It was our beginners’ first time in a competition environment, and they were superstars!

All karateka had so much fun and did amazing.

We had our prize-giving after the championship to praise all the karateka for being impressive!

All the hard work during this year definitely paid off!

Langebaan Dojo is ready to start 2022 with a bang!

WSKF National Dan Grading – 2021

28 Mar

WSKF South Africa is proud to announce the following Dan Grading Results achieved on the 2nd October 2021.


The Grading Panel agreed that the standard of the participants was good.


We take this opportunity of wishing each and every one of the Karateka a long and successful and happy karate career.


  •      Andrew Steenberg
  •      Sasha Rogowski
  •      Bukile Mabaso
  •      Gustav Jenkins


  •     Judene Coleman
  •     Catharina Swanepoel


National KSA Open and Elite Championships – 2021

11 Mar
Results from the Vaal
Congratulations to our following Vaal students on their achievements at the National KSA Open and Elite Championships in Tongaat, KZN this past weekend!
Lebohang Motshweneng won Gold in the Open Junior Male Kata division, achieved Bronze in the Junior Elite Male u76kg Kumite division and Bronze in the Open/Elite Male 14-17yrs Team Kata division.
Malose Makhafola got Silver for the Open Junior Male u61kg Kumite division and achieved Bronze in the Open/Elite Male 14-17yrs Team Kata division.
Declan Gerber won Gold in the Elite Cadet Boys Kata division and achieved Bronze in the Open/Elite Male 14-17yrs Team Kata division.
Sasha Rogowski achieved Bronze in the Open Cadet Girls Kata division.
Your dedication, hard work and humble attitude are what makes you the champions that you are. Well done!
Results from Centurion
We’d like to congratulate sensei @wenettejordaan for receiving two bronze medals at this past weekend’s KSA National Elite Championship. 🥉x1 Senior Female Kata 🥉x1 Senior Female Kumite (-61kg).
Results from Bloemfontein
The past weekend 15 students from SKA competed in Durban at KSA Elite and Open champs. We were blessed to win 12 Elite and 6 Opens medals.

RIP Shihan Peter Abrahams

09 Feb

Your humble yet strong presence will be greatly missed by everyone in WSKF South Africa.
Condolences to his family and friends.

Statement as Issued by the Free State Department of Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation (DSACR)

The Free State Department of Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation (DSACR) has learnt with shock about the untimely passing on of Mr Shihan Peter Abrahams who, at the time of his departure, served the Free State Karate Federation (FSKF) as its President and as a Shihankai member of  the World Karate Shotokan Federation (WSKF)

Abrahams has been described by his colleagues as an exceptional individual who served his federation in a wise and unforgettable manner and also played a pivotal role in ensuring that the FSKF reaches new heights.

Upon learning about Abrahams’ passing, the Free State MEC for Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation Mrs Limakatso Mahasa stated that “The flame of Shihan Peter Abrahams’ candle has sadly burnt out. He was a towering figure whose colleagues describe him as a consummate gentleman; a passionate administrator and a leader. His legacy will forever be engraved in our cognizance as a good soul who was radiant and full of life. We convey our deepest condolences to his wife Brenda, family, friends and colleagues”.