WSKF South Africa: Our Successful Japan Tour 2023

31 Jan

A delegation of 38 WSKF SA members returned on Saturday, 25 November 2023 from a Karate excursion to Japan (Tokyo).

The WSKF SA team consisted of 24 contestants who participated in the 16th WSKF World Championships hosted at the Tokyo Budokan in Ayase on 17 – 18 November 2023.

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The delegation was led under the experienced and watchful stewardship of Sensei Mike Dukas, Chief Instructor for WSKF SA. This was his 32nd trip to Japan, and as past International Vice President, his presence and experience went with deserving respect. He was the only foreign instructor invited by the Chief Instructor Worldwide, Sensei Hitoshi Kasuya, to present and teach the Kata (Bassai Sho) during the 3-Day International Seminar in Yokohama before the commencement of the World Championships in Tokyo.

Tournament RESULTS – WSKF World Championships (2023 – Tokyo)
Bridget Otto: Gold, Youth Girls Kumite; and Silver, Youth Girls Kata
Ethan Rourke, Juan Breedt, Johanco Greyvenstein: Gold, Cadet/Youth Team Kumite
Quentin Rourke: Gold, under 49 years Veteran Kumite
Robert Rijkheer: Gold, Boys 11 years Kumite

Sandile Makwali: Silver, under 39 years Veteran Kumite; and Bronze, +75kg Men Kumite
Robert Biggs, Sam Loftus, Robert Rijkheer: Silver for Junior Team Kumite
Robert Biggs: Silver, Boys 11 years Kata

Sandile Makwali, Damon Jardim, Ehart Conradie: Bronze, Men Team Kumite
Bridget Otto, Yolanda van Rooyen, Katlego Nhlapo: Bronze, Woman Team Kumite
John Peach: Bronze, over 60 years Master Kumite
Ehart Conradie: Bronze, Cadet Men Kumite
Katlego Nhlapo: Bronze, Girls 14/15 years Kumite
Sam Loftus: Bronze, Boys 12 years Kumite
Aiden Whitehead: Bronze, Boys 11 years Kumite

International Dan GRADING Results
Reagan Forbes – Yondan
Sandile Makwali – Godan
Tatjana Radojevic-Rogowski – Godan
Quentin Rourke – Nanadan

WSKF Black Belt Training – November 2023

13 Dec

The WSKF Black Belt Training took place at the esteemed Kuro-Obi Shotokan Karate-do dojo on November 4th, marking an enriching experience for all participants.

Training was divided into two sessions, each offering valuable insights and skill enhancement. The first session was expertly led by Tatjana Radojevic-Rogowski Sensei, who placed a strong emphasis on the refinement of kicking techniques. Over the course of slightly more than an hour, attendees were immersed in a detailed exploration of the nuances of proper kicking form. It swiftly became apparent that there was significant room for improvement in our execution. A particular highlight was the dedicated attention given to the precise muscles essential for executing various kicks, complemented by meticulous guidance on the alignment of the karateka’s stance, feet, and knees. This comprehensive approach culminated in equipping attendees with the knowledge to deliver powerful, swift, and controlled kicks. The session concluded with a series of stretching exercises aimed at fortifying the core and thigh muscles, promising an elevated kicking performance in the future.

The latter portion of the training was under the competent guidance of Goran Stankovic Sensei. Participants were honoured to delve into the intricate Sochin kata. Throughout this segment, Goran Sensei dedicated time to explain the bunkai associated with various movements within the kata, thereby shedding light on its underlying sequences. This approach fostered an appreciation for the kata’s depth and complexity.

In summary, the WSKF Black Belt Training held at the Kuro-Obi Shotokan Karate-do dojo on November 4th provided an invaluable platform for skill development and knowledge acquisition. Participants departed with a heightened understanding of the art and a stronger commitment to their martial arts journey.

WSKF National Dan Grading – 2023

18 Oct

The annual WSKF National Dan Grading took place on 14 October 2023. Grading attempters and examiners from across the country converged on Vanderbijlpark at Kuro-Obi Shotokan Karate-Do dojo. This event testified to the substantial growth the organisation experienced in the past year, with one of the largest gradings, to date.

The notion that “karate is for everyone" was seen at this occasion, where karate-ka aged 16 to 70 presented themselves to showcase the progress they've made in the study of higher levels of understanding and ability. This proved to be a formidable undertaking, considering the seniority and collective experience of the grading panel.

In the spirit of organisational continuity and continued education, WSKF appoints an Observation Panel, comprised of Senior karate-ka who are new to the organisation, as well as existing WSKF-SA Seniors who have less experience with regards to grading. These members sit on the observation panel as observers. This year the panel was led by Zilla Steyn Sensei (4th Dan). The Observation Panel has a collective vote of one (1) point.

The auspicious Main Grading Panel consists of experienced WSKF-SA karate-ka, normally referred to as the Saiko Shihan Panel. Each of these members has completed and passed the qualifying examinations for Instructors and Examiners, as presented by WSKF-SA. These two panels represent decades of karate knowledge and experience.
The 2023 Saiko Shihan Panel consisted of the following members: Michael Dukas (8th Dan),
Phillip Venter (6th Dan), John Rust (6th Dan), Quentin Rourke (6th Dan), Andrio Lombaard (5th Dan), Stephan Steyn (4th Dan), Tatjana Radojevic-Rogowski (4th Dan). Each of these members has 1 vote.

Front Row (left to right): John Peach (5th Dan), Louis Ramakulukusha (6th Dan), Martin Pretorius (4th Dan), Mike Dukas (8th Dan), Tatjana Radojevic-Rogowski (4th Dan), Goran Stankovic (6th Dan), Wesley Dyssel (4th Dan), Zilla Steyn (4th Dan), Cobus Nienaber (4th Dan). Back Row (left to right): Philip Venter (6th Dan), John Rust (6th Dan), Stephan Steyn (4th Dan), Quentin Rourke (6th Dan). Not in the photo: Andrio Lombaard (5th Dan), Gary van Jaarsveldt (4th Dan).

Results of the Grading
Promoted to SHODAN (1st Dan)
• Rosemary Kloppers
• Willem Jonk
• Barries Conradie
• Johan Saunders
• Michael van Rooyen
• Daniel Coetzer
• Salma Kadwa
• Johanco Greyvenstein
• Juano van Tonder
• Kaylee van der Sandt
• Megan Weideman
• Katlego Nhlapo
• Fareed Marshall
• Hilmi Alam
• Sara Potterton
• Yolanda van Rooyen

Promoted to NIDAN (2nd Dan)
• Marius van Niekerk
• Elke Human
• Boitumelo Makhanya
• Annchen Weihmann
• Sasha Rogowski has to repeat her Kumite in January 2024

Promoted to SANDAN (3rd Dan)
• John van der Sandt
• Duncan Rogowski
• Damon Jardim

Promoted to YONDAN (4th Dan)
• Andrew Els
• Lindie Jenkins
• Jaco Visagie

The following students were commended with “Best Grading on the Day" in their categories: Ms Katlego Nhlapo (Shodan); Ms Elke Human (Nidan); Mr Jaco Visagie (Yondan; Overall Best Grading of the Day).

Left to right: Quentin Rourke Sensei (6th Dan), Katlego Nhlapo (1st Dan).

Left to right: Jaco Visagie (4th Dan), Stephan Steyn Sensei (4th Dan) Mike Dukas Shihan (8th Dan), Elke Human (2nd Dan), Zilla Steyn Sensei (4th Dan).

Following the formal grading procedures, a Pre-dan Grading was conducted in which the following karate-ka presented their grading syllabi, in preparation for their upcoming Dan Grading in Japan, during the 16th WSKF World Championships and Training Seminar:
• Quentin Rourke will be attempting his 7th Dan;
• Tatjana Radojevic-Rogowski will be attempting her 5th Dan;
• Sandile Makwali will be attempting his 5th Dan;
• Reagan Forbes will be attempting his 4th Dan (Pre-Dan Grading was done in Cape Town earlier in the year).
We wish them luck and hope they do well!

At the end of a gruelling day, after bruises were nursed, injuries tended and frazzled nerves put to rest, karate-ka proved again that karate unites us as family and family sticks together.



As 2023 draws to a rapid close, there remains 3 major events on the WSKF-SA calendar:
1. The November Black Belt Training (4 November 2023, hosted by Kuro-Obi Shotokan Karate-Do dojo)
2. The WSKF-SA Team tour (9-24 November 2023) to Tokyo, Japan for the 16th WSKF World Championship and Training Seminar.
3. The December Black Belt Training (2 December 2023, hosted by Karate Vaal dojo).
We look forward to what 2024 holds for WSKF-SA. The first major event of 2024 will be the National Instructors Seminar (to be held in Vanderbijlpark on 19 and 20 January 2024). All karateka who contemplate Dan grading in 2024, are required to attend this seminar.
Until we meet again, continue training and Ganbatte Kudasai (JP) – Please, in everything, do your best (ENG).

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WSKF Black Belt Training – September 2023

22 Sep

With only six weeks until WSKF-SA annual Dan Grading, karateka from across Gauteng had a final opportunity to receive instruction and guidance from Mike Dukas Shihan, as they entered the last stretch in preparation for the big day… Kime Karate Dojo in Centurion hosted the event. Karateka who arrived early were treated to an extra half-hour of basic training as everyone anticipated the official start of the training. The sage adage “always be early for karate” proved valuable this morning as Mike Dukas Shihan took karateka through the basic, yet complex, components of effective kick execution.

The theme for the morning was Jiyu Ippon Kumite. With a full dojo floor, training got underway with a stern and memorable reminder of the importance of wearing protective gear when given the option, and that refusal thereof was nothing short of reckless self-endangerment. Sparring partners had the opportunity to hone their attacking, defence, and distance-judging skills through various bouts of nominated exercises.

Gohon kumite was employed to evaluate the fitness and perseverance of the grading candidates, in which they faced numerous sparring partners during repeated rounds of high-intensity basic kumite.

During the second part of the session, Mike Dukas Shihan put karatekas through their paces according to the various Dan levels they will attempt to grade for. A selection of kihon elements from Shodan, Nidan, Sandan and Yondan syllabi received attention.

The importance of flexibility was again highlighted, and students were reminded to incorporate stretching and flexibility exercises in all their training sessions.

The benefit of the extended training session afforded students a rare treat in the final session when Mike Dukas Shihan led the group in performing the advanced katas of Hangetsu and Meikyo. All the complexities of these katas could not receive attention in the short session. However, students were able to experience the sequence of movements and be exposed to nuances WSKF teaches in these katas.


In his trademark “lead by example” way, Mike Dukas Shihan led attendees in a closing selection of full-body stretches.



As the session concluded, attendees greeted one another with warm hearts, slightly battered bodies, and a firm realisation that the next encounter would be on the grading floor…

Hitotsu, arayuru mono o karate kaseyo; soko ni myōmi ari
Apply the way of karate to all things. Therein lies its beauty.

Gichin Funakoshi (1938). The Twenty Guiding Principles of Karate. ISBN 978-4-7700-2796-2

WSKF Black Belt Training – August 2023

07 Sep

WSKF South Africa held the “August” monthly Black Belt Training event on 29 July 2023. What a memorable, special occasion it was… The 50th anniversary of the WSKF-SA Vaal Dojo – a Golden Jubilee! Mike Dukas Shihan and his wife, (and WSKF-SA Secretary) Mrs. Marion Dukas were the honoured guests at this momentous occasion. Kuro-Obi Shotokan Karate-Do dojo and its formidable team of volunteers were our gracious hosts for the day.

More than seventy senior rank students (Red / 4th-Kyu and above) participated in the 3-hour long Senior training session. Dojos from Gauteng, Northwest and Free State provinces sent delegates who trained under the tutelage of our Chief Instructor. With the annual Dan Grading only eleven weeks away, Mike Dukas Shihan paid particular attention to elements of the various Dan syllabi that begged clarification and specific focus as they represent building blocks for the more advanced components.


In addition, a delegation of WSKF-SA karateka and supporters are eagerly awaiting their karate tour to Japan (November 2023) where they will represent WSKF-SA in the 16th WSKF World Championship, held in Tokyo. Mike Dukas Shihan highlighted a selection of the spinning combinations that WSKF is renowned for. Since the team is likely to be drilled on these techniques during their training in Japan, considerable emphasis was placed on the correct execution of the combinations. The importance of good posture, balance and spatial awareness was apparent as students grappled with their imaginary, multi-directional targets, whilst executing these rotational movements.

After the session, Senior karateka were joined by students both young and old, present and former, who are associated with the Vaal Dojo.

Amongst this group were people who had been students of Mike Dukas Shihan for more than three decades!

Messages of congratulations and well wishes were conveyed to the well-loved founders, whose indomitable spirits built the dojo from its humble beginnings to the “institution of Karate” it is today. If anything is to last, it must be built on a strong foundation. Mike and Marion Dukas built an enviable legacy on the foundational principles of:
“Stick to the Basics”
“Karate fixes Everything”
“Honor Family”

Reflecting on this, it remains humbling and evident that “mastery” is a “journey”, not a destination. The goalposts are forever shifting, and depths of “knowledge” are yet unknown. Therefore, in the words of Mike Dukas Shihan:

“…no matter what happens – just keep training…”

WSKF Black Belt Training – 2nd Quarter 2023

01 Aug

April, May, and June of this year saw the gathering of substantial numbers of senior karatekas from across Gauteng (and even as far as Bloemfontein and Reitz) to participate in the longstanding monthly Black Belt Training sessions. Karate Vaal Dojo (Vereeniging) and Kime Karate Dojo (Centurion) played hosts to the events.

On all three occasions, black- and brown-belt students were privileged to receive masterful instruction from Mike Dukas Shihan. In his trademark attentiveness to all aspects of – and interrelatedness between kihon, kata and kumite, Mike Dukas Shihan highlighted selected elements of techniques which students practised, then applied in kata and finally incorporated in kumite bouts. These elements included: weight transfer during stance transitioning; the timing and biomechanics of hip activation and -application within techniques; synchronization of body parts during effective use of karate blocks and attacks; and utilization of these elements in WSKF’s unique spinning combinations.

WSKF South Africa has seen healthy growth in numbers, with several new dojos affiliating with the organization. Consequently, the Black Belt Training sessions provide an opportunity for continued standardisation with respect to techniques and organisational nuances. To this end, Jiyu Ippon Kumite combinations received intense focus and karateka had the opportunity to re-familiarise, or in some instances be introduced for the first time, to the vast collection of defence combinations.


Similarly, the senior katas Jion, Chinte and Gojushiho Dai received focused attention as Mike Dukas Shihan expounded on the unique aspects of these katas and the ways in which the kihon elements find expression in the execution of the katas.


With the annual Dan Grading opportunity in October fast approaching, Mike Dukas Shihan highlighted technical elements from the WSKF Shodan, Nidan and Sandan syllabi for the benefit of those students whose grading preparations are well underway.

In addition to the superior technical training karatekas receive at these gatherings, the monthly black belt trainings also provide a point of contact for the larger WSKF karate family. Here individuals reconnect with one another, train together, receive encouragement and strive toward continued improvement in our pursuit of the principles of perfection of character; faithfulness in all we do; cultivation of a spirit of commitment; behaviour reflecting respect for others; and cultivation of self-control in all aspects of life.

All WSKF black and brown belt karatekas are encouraged and reminded to participate in these important monthly training sessions. TRAIN together – STAY together!


WSKF Black Belt Training – July 2023

22 Jul

The morning of 1 July 2023 dawned clear and crisp… It was time for Black Belt Training and karateka from across Gauteng converged on Kuro-Obi Shotokan Karate-do Institute in Vanderbijlpark. Anyone who has trained in the Vaal area during the winter months will attest to the fact that it is not for the faint of heart. Outside we were greeted by a frosty 0° Celsius wind. Inside, though, we received the warm, whole-hearted welcome from our Vaal karate family that we have come to cherish.

Dojos from Potchefstroom, Germiston, Centurion, Vereeniging, Sasolburg and Vanderbijlpark were well represented. Under the watchful eye of Andrio Lombaard Sensei (Godan), students practised various kihon combinations that specifically aid the execution of techniques to follow in the Kumite section of the class.

In previous months’ training, the dominant theme was centred around Jiyu Ippon kumite defence combinations. This theme was extended into the July session with a particular focus on defence combinations for gyaku-zuki -, kizami-zuki -, mawashi-geri -, yoko-geri kekomi -,   and ushiro-geri attacks.

The kata section of the class offered students the opportunity to refresh, practice and study Tekki Shodan, Tekki Nidan and Tekki Sandan. Students had various questions about the different techniques and nuances in these katas and Andrio Lombaard Sensei clearly distinguished between the technical elements within movements and transition from one movement to the next.

After the class concluded, students were treated to cupcakes in celebration of the birthday of Tatjana Radojevic-Rogowski Sensei, a member of the Saiko Shihankai of WSKF-SA. So, with a cupcake in hand and laughs all around, friends and fellow karateka said goodbye with the prospect of training together again in the very near future.

The next training opportunity promises to be a truly memorable event as it forms part of the Vanderbijlpark Dojo 50-Year 

Anniversary Celebrations. WSKF members, both young and old, will gather in Vanderbijlpark on 29 July 2023 to train together and celebrate this momentous occasion.


WSKF Team Event – 2023 – Bloemfontein

16 May

The Tempe Indoor Sports Centre in Bloemfontein recently played host to the highly anticipated WSKF Team Event on May 13th, 2023. The event brought together talented karateka from various regions, spanning different skill levels and age groups. With intense competitions in Team Kumite and Team Kata, the event was a thrilling display of martial arts prowess and sportsmanship. 53 Kata Teams, 30 Kumite Teams! Excellent student conduct, great camaraderie all around, and professional judging made it a smooth tournament. Let’s look at the impressive results achieved by the participating teams.


Kiddies Category:

In the Kiddies category, the team consisting of Paul, Ulrich, and Jonathan from Potchefstroom showcased their dedication and skill, securing the top spot. Their remarkable performance demonstrated their potential for future success in the world of karate.


Female Beginners:

The Bloemfontein contingent was dominant in the Female Beginners category, with two teams demonstrating their talent. Team 1, comprising Amy, Emma, and Lene, emerged as the winners, displaying precision and technique. In second place was Team 2, consisting of Chrisne, Chane, and Chene, who showcased their determination and spirit.

Female Intermediate:

The Female Intermediate category witnessed fierce competition, and the Crystal Park team emerged victorious. With their synchronized movements and focused execution, Refiloe, Raemohetse, and Bokang claimed the top position. The Kestell team, comprised of Marinell, Banele, and Lambert, showcased their skills and determination, earning them a well-deserved second place.

Female Advanced:

In the highly competitive Female Advanced category, the Bloemfontein team once again asserted their dominance. Cherilee, Mariana, and Vyada delivered a breathtaking performance that secured them the first-place position. The Vaal team, consisting of Adi, Boitumelo, and Mari, demonstrated their expertise and dedication, earning them a commendable second place. The Els team, comprising Andrew, Penyao, and Penny, showcased their skills, securing the third-place position.

Female Kumite:

The Female Kumite category was a thrilling spectacle, featuring intense sparring matches. The team from Potchefstroom and Pretoria, consisting of Leonard, Berdine, Erika, Boipelo, and Natalia, emerged as the champions, displaying their exceptional fighting skills. The Bloemfontein team, comprising Cherilee, Mariana, Bridget, Lindsay, and Mile, showcased their strength and technique, securing a commendable second place. The Crystal Park team, consisting of Zondi, Bokang, Njabulo, Refiloe, and Raemohetse, demonstrated their determination and skill, securing the third-place position.

Male Beginners:

The Male Beginners category saw impressive performances from multiple teams. Plettenberg Bay’s team, comprising Kayden, Finn, and Zac, secured the first-place position with their excellent execution. The Kestell team, consisting of Neo, Teboho, and Thloni, exhibited their potential and determination, earning them the second-place position. Once again, the Plettenberg Bay team, with Kayden, Finn, and Zac, showcased their skills and secured the third-place position.


Male Intermediate:

Potchefstroom’s team, composed of Donovan, Janco, and Murray, emerged victorious in the Male Intermediate category, displaying their exceptional skills and technique. The Bloemfontein team, consisting of Mikos, Jante, and Handre, showcased their determination and secured the second-place position. The Knysna team, comprising Kyan, Zac, and Kayden, impressed the audience with their talent, earning them the third-place position.

Male Advanced:

The Male Advanced category witnessed an exceptional display of skill and determination. The Potchefstroom team, composed of Stephan, Jaco, and Elke, delivered a remarkable performance, earning them the first-place position. The team from Kuro-Obi, consisting of Duncan, Sasha, and Declan, showcased their expertise, securing the second-place. The Bloemfontein team, comprised of Ethan, Ehart, and Bridget, demonstrated their proficiency and secured the third-place.

Male Kumite:

The Male Kumite category featured intense bouts of combat, and the Bloemfontein team, consisting of Damon, Ehart, Ethan, Robert, and Handre, emerged as the champions. Their display of skill and determination was truly remarkable. The Bloemfontein team, comprised of Sandile, Fareed, Johanco, Gerrit, and Mikos, showcased their fighting spirit, earning them a well-deserved second place. The Els Karate team, consisting of Andrew, Buchi, John-Daniel, Khwezi, and Alexander, demonstrated their proficiency, securing the third-place position.


The WSKF Team Event held at the Tempe Indoor Sports Centre in Bloemfontein was a resounding success, showcasing the talent and dedication of karatekas from various regions and skill levels. The event highlighted the spirit of competition, sportsmanship, and camaraderie within the karate community. Congratulations to all the participants and winners for their outstanding performances. Their dedication and passion for karate continue to inspire and promote the growth of this ancient martial art.


WSKF Black Belt Dinner – 2023

01 Feb


A Night of Celebration and Inspiration

The highly anticipated annual WSKF Black Belt Dinner took place in January 2023, marking another year of remarkable achievements and recognizing the dedication and hard work of martial artists within the World Shotokan Karate-Do Federation. This grand event, which has become a cherished tradition over the years, served as a platform to honour accomplished individuals and celebrate their accomplishments. From the delightful culinary experience to Sensei Mike’s inspiring speech, the evening left a lasting impression on all attendees.


The Black Belt Dinner, a highly esteemed occasion on the WSKF calendar, brought together karate enthusiasts, instructors, and their families from dojos far and wide. Held in a prestigious venue, the event provided an opportunity for attendees to connect, share stories, and foster a sense of camaraderie within the karate community. The event not only celebrated the achievements of the past year but also strengthened the bonds that make the WSKF a close-knit family.


One of the highlights of the Black Belt Dinner was the presentation of Dan grading certificates. The esteemed black belts who had successfully passed their examinations were recognized and celebrated for their exceptional dedication and skill. The certificates were handed out by Sensei Mike Dukas, the esteemed leader of the WSKF, who commended the recipients for their unwavering commitment to the art of Shotokan Karate.


A Culinary Delight: The friendly and professional staff of the Be My Guest Hotel, where the event was held, went above and beyond to create a memorable dining experience for all attendees. With exquisite attention to detail, the hotel’s culinary team crafted a delightful meal that satisfied both the palate and the senses. From appetizers that tantalized taste buds to the mouthwatering main courses and delectable desserts, every dish was prepared with finesse, leaving a lasting impression on everyone present.


Sensei Mike, a revered figure within the WSKF, took the stage to express his gratitude to all participants for their invaluable contributions throughout the year. His speech was not only motivational but also a reminder of the values and principles that make the WSKF community so special. Sensei Mike’s words resonated deeply, inspiring attendees to continue their journey in Shotokan Karate with renewed determination and passion.


Another moment of celebration was the announcement of the winner of the prestigious roaming trophy for administration. The Knysna and Plet dojo, renowned for their exceptional organizational skills and commitment to efficiency, clinched the trophy, receiving well-deserved recognition for its exemplary administrative efforts. The award not only honoured the dojo but also highlighted the importance of effective administration in supporting the smooth operation of the WSKF.



The WSKF Black Belt Dinner held in January 2023 was a resounding success, bringing together the karate community to celebrate achievements, honour dedication, and inspire future growth. From the delectable meal prepared by the Be My Guest Hotel staff to Sensei Mike’s empowering speech, every aspect of the event left attendees feeling inspired and motivated. The recognition of Dan grading recipients and the Potch dojo’s triumph further highlighted the exceptional talent and commitment within the WSKF. As the annual event continues to thrive, it serves as a testament to the strong bonds and shared passion that makes the WSKF community truly remarkable.

WSKF National Instructors Seminar – 2023

31 Jan


The World Shotokan Karate Federation South Africa’s Branch recently held its Annual Instructor Seminar at the Be My Guest Hotel in VaalPark, South Africa. This event was a great success, with over 70 aspiring instructors and instructors from all around the country coming together to learn more about this martial art.


The seminar began with an introduction by Sensei Mike Dukas, who is one of the most respected Shotokan karate masters in South Africa. He spoke about how important it is for practitioners to have a proper technique when performing katas (forms) or kumite (sparing) He also shared his passion for teaching others how to use their bodies efficiently while still having fun doing so!


The sessions included both physical exercises designed to improve strength/endurance/flexibility/balance as well as traditional forms that help build mental focus & discipline; all of which are essential components for a successful practitioner regardless if you’re just starting out or already have some experience under your belt!


After lunchtime lectures were given by various guest speakers including Sensei’s Stephan Steyn (Potchefstroom WSKF), Andrio Lombaard (Vanderbijlpark WSKF )


By the end day, everyone seemed very pleased overall results achieved especially since many attendees came away feeling much more confident in their skills than when they first arrived morning session started off! As always, we’d like to thank everyone involved in making this year’s Annual Kata Instructor Seminar possible – without your hard work and dedication, none of us would’ve been able to enjoy ourselves nearly much! We look forward to seeing you again next year same place same time 🙂