WSKF National Instructors Seminar – 2023

31 Jan


The World Shotokan Karate Federation South Africa’s Branch recently held its Annual Instructor Seminar at the Be My Guest Hotel in VaalPark, South Africa. This event was a great success, with over 70 aspiring instructors and instructors from all around the country coming together to learn more about this martial art.


The seminar began with an introduction by Sensei Mike Dukas, who is one of the most respected Shotokan karate masters in South Africa. He spoke about how important it is for practitioners to have a proper technique when performing katas (forms) or kumite (sparing) He also shared his passion for teaching others how to use their bodies efficiently while still having fun doing so!


The sessions included both physical exercises designed to improve strength/endurance/flexibility/balance as well as traditional forms that help build mental focus & discipline; all of which are essential components for a successful practitioner regardless if you’re just starting out or already have some experience under your belt!


After lunchtime lectures were given by various guest speakers including Sensei’s Stephan Steyn (Potchefstroom WSKF), Andrio Lombaard (Vanderbijlpark WSKF )


By the end day, everyone seemed very pleased overall results achieved especially since many attendees came away feeling much more confident in their skills than when they first arrived morning session started off! As always, we’d like to thank everyone involved in making this year’s Annual Kata Instructor Seminar possible – without your hard work and dedication, none of us would’ve been able to enjoy ourselves nearly much! We look forward to seeing you again next year same place same time 🙂

Berg Gasshuku – 2016

04 May

WSKF SA hosted the senior Gasshuku in April. The beautiful Injisuthi in the Central Drakensberg was the chosen venue.

Most students stayed in the self-catering chalets, with the more adventurous students deciding to camp out at the adjacent campsite.

The Gasshuku was well supported by students from the various WSKF dojos around Gauteng.
The training started on Saturday morning with a vigorous 5.5km hike through the Drakensberg mountains to the dojo. This is one of the most beautiful natural dojos nested between the mountains and alongside a flowing river!


All students were very excited to have the first training session presented by the well missed Bryan Dukas Sensei. The session was tough with a strong focus on Kihon, improving leg strength and repetition. Bryan Dukas Sensei high level of enthusiasm and spirit set the tone for the remaining training sessions.
John Rust Sensei presented the next session with his usual dynamic view on kumite training. Students trained in pairs and focused on improving their target and reaction time. The importance of correct distance was emphasized during kumite.

A fundamental session focusing on correct hip rotation and application was presented by Mike Dukas Sensei. A good portion of this session was focused on correcting the basics and ensuring a good understanding of correct hip technique. The session was concluded with yoko geri-keage (side snap kick) training focusing on correct hip action and timing.
Marius Jordaan Sensei taught a hard session on basic kumite combinations and re-emphasized the technical points presented in the earlier sessions. Students had to maintain strong techniques through repetition.
The training was concluded with the final session presented by Bryan Dukas Sensei. Students stepped into the river for the final special session of hara (lower abdomen) training and then applying these principles to the kata Tekki Shodan.

The tired group then took on the 5.5km hike back to the campsite. A pit stop for a quick swim in the river was welcomed to relieve the sore muscles.
Saturday evening was reserved for some much needed socializing with everyone enjoying good company and conversation around the braai place.
A nunchakus session was presented by Marius Jordaan Sensei on Sunday morning. The basic principles were taught, followed by more complex combinations. The class concluded with a very interesting nunchaku kata.

It was interesting to see the consistency between all the sessions presented by the Shihankai with the general Gasshuku theme focusing on effective Kihon through repetition. Correct Kihon could then be applied in both kumite and kata.

Students departed on Sunday morning, leaving with happy hips and high spirits!